About Icon-TINE

The International Conference on Technology, Informatics, and Engineering (ICon-TINE), organized by the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang, has clear aims and objectives in facilitating the exchange of knowledge, experience, and innovation in technology, informatics, and engineering. We believe collaboration across disciplines and geographical boundaries is key to responding to global challenges and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the ever-evolving digital era.
One of the main objectives of ICon-TINE is to create a platform that allows academics, researchers, practitioners, and innovators from various backgrounds to share their ideas, thoughts, and latest discoveries. We aim to stimulate in-depth dialogue and facilitate ongoing collaboration among stakeholders in the global technology community through scientific presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and networking activities.
In addition, we are committed to promoting value-based and ethical research and advocating for sustainable approaches in technology development. As such, ICon-TINE also aims to strengthen awareness of technological advancements' social, economic and environmental implications and encourage the development of sustainable and inclusive solutions.
We believe that through cross-border collaboration and open exchange of ideas, ICon-TINE can catalyze better innovation, more effective application of technology, and sustainable progress in society. Thus, we present ICon-TINE as an inspiring and inclusive platform for thinkers and doers in technology, informatics, and engineering to contribute positively towards a better future.
Thank you for your interest and participation in ICon-TINE, and we look forward to sharing valuable experiences with you at our event this year!